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If you care for aquiring high quality fodder, effectiveness in operation and professional technical support we are the answer to your needs. We are one of the world's leaders in production and sales of high quality agricultural and municipal machines. Close contact with the customer supports us in the dynamic development. Our strategy relies on dialogue and we are open to the needs of our existing and future. Thanks to that approach we can manufacture up to date machines, that are appropriate for the changing needs of the customers and are becoming indispensible partner at work.

Fodder obtained from grass mowing is one of the best and, at the same time, the cheapest of feeds for farmed animals. With use of proper equipment it is possible to obtain a row in a very short time which then can be easily processed to a valuable feed for cows.
SaMASZ farming machines ensure obtaining full capacity of the complete fodder from the mowed grassland area. They feature solutions being developed for over 30 years by Polish engineers. These machines are very popular around the world as with their use you are able to simply obtain more fodder. This is because we have managed to develop the whole process of feed collection in tiny details. Mowing with SaMASZ mowers causes no damage to the turf. The fodder is very clean and that’s why its energetic value is greater. This means economy and time saving – workloads are used more effectively, and you are able to simply obtain more fodder.
Many have already trusted us. We are passionate about designing machines to meet any farmers’ needs!


Farm’s capability of producing high quality forage is one of the crucial factors to distinct modern milk and meat production technology. Access to top quality technical equipment, conforming to high requirements is considered to be a challenge at the designing stage. To meet these needs, we offer top quality technological solutions, based on 30-year experience in designing agricultural equipment. We will help to achieve your success! Many have already trusted us. We are passionate about designing machines to meet any farmer’s needs!


Owing to their operating widths P 4 and P 6 tedders are perfect for middle-size and large farms. Machines are designed for effective tedding of both cut green forage and hay  to make drying process faster. In result, losses of nutritional elements are reduced.
SaMASZ tedders feature both high operating comfort and efficiency.

SaMASZ have been devaloping its range of municipal machines for a long time now, with a larg range of Flail mowers and Extension arms.

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