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Baertschi develops and produces machines for sustainable agriculture, aimed at ensuring sustained agricultural yields. With Baertschi machines, our customers perform operations in a way that saves costs, achieve better product quality in the long term and thus achieves higher profits. They thus contribute significantly to maintaining productive land, healthier people and animals, reducing water consumption and also CO2 emissions.



The Machine for All-Year-Round Planting,Seeding, Fertilizing and Corn Stubble Processing
In a single pass, the Oekosem Rotor-Strip-Till process creates a perfect seedbed for all cultivation in rows. The unprocessed strips protect against erosion and store water. Fertilize, deep loosen, cultivate and sow, all in a single pass. This saves time and money, and maintains the strong yield capability of the ground.The non-ploughing Rotor-Strip-Till process, developed in Switzerland, has been successfully used for more than 25 years. In this way, despite for instance increasingly dry conditions, the yields have remained high, due to the water-retention properties of the intermediate strips.
The Oekosem is available in various strip pitches and widths. The Oekosem can also be used for cultivation of sugar beet. The newly developed crush rotor tool also allows the Oekosem to be converted for turning over stubble. This means the Oekosem is utilised all the year round. Water ConservationIn water conservation areas the tillage system Oekosem can effectively heighten the retention potential of the soil through no-till strips which store and buffer nutrients as well as filter pesticides. Also, Oekosem strip-till potentially reduces the necessity to use pesticides in the first place.

Fighting European Corn BorerAfter harvest, the Oekosem can be retrofitted to be used as corn stubble processing tool. The soon to be patented tool is effectively fraying the corn stubble including the rootstock so that the European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis) doesn’t find any residue that could be used for it’s overwintering. At the same time, you can add the doublerow planter Baertschi Duo-Drill to the machine and plant a winter-hardy cover crop in that one single pass.


 Tree nursery technology is one or the original Baertschi areas of competence. On the basis of this proven Fobro technology we are constantly moving into new areas of application. Let us advise you; we have the right solution for you.



For the classic application of the Oekosem strip cultivator for sowing maize and sugar beet seed in the spring, Baertschi offers the proven pneumatic single-grain machine MASCAR MAXI DRILL. This drill is specifically configured for the Oeksoem.
The Baertschi DUO DRILL offers you a seed drill for double rowing sowing of crops such as rape seed, quinoa, sorghum or the establishment of ground fertilisation in combination with turning over maize stubble.


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