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Oy ELHO Ab is a family-owned business founded in 1968. The company specialises in the manufacture of quality work machines and machines for agricultural contractors. In its sector, the company is a pioneer which both customers and partners trust. Farm productivity begins with successful arable farming, which is complemented by a functional, efficient machinery chain from the field to feeding. ELHO is a part of the chain from start to finish; its product groups offer a suitable machine for every need. ELHO's most important product groups are forage harvesting, forage supply and environmental management. The quality and features of ELHO's machines are top class and most of these machines are exported around the world. ELHO is continuously developing new and innovative technical solutions that improve the work quality of the machines even more, meaning ELHO customers get the maximal benefit out of their machines. In addition to the technical advantages of its machinery, ELHO invests in flexible first class customer service which genuinely listens to the customer.

Harvesting is more efficient and the forage stays clean with ELHO Twin swathers!
ELHO Twin swathers protect the forage from impurities and ensure that the forage stays clean and of optimal quality by moving the forage by lifting it.
Thanks to the lifting and throwing motion of the angled rotors, no rocks end up in the swath. This also reduces the risk of damage to the harvester following the swather. The rotor speed can be adjusted according to the forage type. This makes harvesting more efficient and reduces fuel consumption. ELHO Twin swathers are ideal for irregular fields as well. Forage producers and contractors have clearly seen the benefits of ELHO Twin swathers as their popularity keeps increasing from year to year.

We manufacture manually controlled, semi-automatic and fully-automatic/computer-controlled bale wrappers, both mounted and trailed models, for round bales of all sizes. The demand for automatic bale wrappers increases year by year, and we can provide the many types of automatic round bale wrappers. Computer technology enables us to make the wrappers and the wrapping technic more reliable, faster wrapping and easier to adjust and control the wrapping. This also makes the driver’s work easier and allow them to focus on driving. Faster wrap cycles also means more bales wrapped per hour and per day. This in turn increases productivity! Choose an ELHO wrapper, and you can be sure that you have invested in a reliable, high-quality, modern and durable machine. To ensure that you will have access to the best possible after-sales support, we also yearly arrange training for our importers staff as well as their retailers staff. You can always count on ELHO’s support – we are near you wherever you are in the world.


Our ancestors have fought with stones for centuries and we are still fighting!  Stones in the field bring about huge costs every year when they cause harvesting machines to break down! And you can’t only calculate the harvesting machine repair cost, there is also a lot of lost working hours. Harvesting can easily be delayed up to a week or more, depending on what has broken down on the machine. Loss of working hours means lost income! To help the situation, ELHO designed the Scorpio 550 fully hydraulic driven stone collector.


A farm mulcher for field and forest roads and field edges.

The Tornado 330 is a very agile chain mulcher for general use. It is easy to use: the mulcher boom is lowered and the machine is ready for work even in tough, stony conditions. A solid boom with a mechanical release reaches up to 3.3 metres from the centre line of the tractor.

A modern shaft drive is characteristic for the mulcher and offers great freedom for the cutting unit with small joint angles.
The Tornado 330 can also be used with a lighter tractor for its dead weight is reasonable due to the use of high-tensile steel on the bearing constructions. The lightness is especially helpful when clearing ditches and ditch edges as the risk of collapse is reduced. Tornado 330 reaches also the bottom of large ditches and clearing forest edges is easy.

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